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Category: Special Event

Part # Description
89941Cake Plateau 14" Round
72890Cake Plateau 14" Round Stainless
89931Cake Plateau 14" Square
16118Cake Plateau 18" Round
15970Cake Plateau 18" Square
16218Cake Plateau 18" Square
15963Cake Plateau 19" Round Stainless
16222Cake Plateau 22" Square
16214Cake Plateau Square 14IN
89932Cake Plateau Square 18IN
30815Candle Holder Aluminum 3 Light 2PK
30814Candle Holder Aluminum 5 Light 2PK
62662Charger Plate 12" Square Copper
62668Charger Plate 12" Square DK Copper
62665Charger Plate 13" Beaded Copper
62670Charger Plate 13" Beaded DK Copper
62664Charger Plate 13" Plain Copper
62677Charger Plate 13" Plain DK Copper
62663Charger Plate 13" Scallop Copper
62669Charger Plate 13"Scallop DK Copper

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