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Part # Description
261004679110.8V 1.5AH G2 (Service)
261004736812V 1;5AH G2 (Service)
261004736712V 1.5AH G2 (Service)
261004679012V 2.0AH G3 (Service)
261000548012V Li-Ion 1.3 Ah Battery
261004167312V Li-Ion 1.5 Ah Battery (Service)
1608M0000S17-635 Case For 5IN Hand LVLS
1608M0000U17-637 Case For 6-7IN Hand LVLS
1608M0000V17-638 Case For 8IN Hand LVLS
1608M0000W17-639 Case For 9IN Hand LVLS
1608M0000X17-646 Case For Abney LVL
1608M0000Z19-210 Soft Case For LCTRS BLK
2610018987230V Electronic Assembly And Pads
60828504GN25618BL; IDS181BL - Tray
1619PB22463010 Fan
16020250793AUXILIARY Handle
26100199904200 Adapter For Attachments
26100199914200 Drive Coupling For Adapter
1608M0010246-NMHDTS Total Station DW Batt
1608M0030656-300RS232 Data Cable For

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