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Part # Description
350-04412-IN Twist Lock W/Logo
356-011Abs; Bottom Flap
350-774Actuator; Flap; Fan Discharge
354-751Actuator; Lift Attachment (Model
356-764Actuator; Top Vacuum Hood Flap
701-11Adjuster; Belt
703-10Adjuster; Height; Front Wheels
260-278Angle; Flapper Mount
357-009Angle; Foam Seat Retainer
260-281Angle; Rear Flap Mount
991-05Arm; Idler
E200-010Arm; Idler
701-23Arm; Idler; 701 - Weldment
702-23Arm; Idler; 702
780-36Arm; Idler; F-703; F-780
E100-017Arm; Spindle
E200-017Arm; Spindle; E-104
780-05Arm; Steering Control
701-51Assembly; Bearing Housing
E200-014Assembly; Blade Bolt

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