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Part # Description
88VXTGP4-Point Headband Suspension
F40Adjustable Flow Control Valve
BU-41P2Air Filter
77LGBox Front Lens Gasket
B4696Breathing Hose Kit 25' B4696
88CKBreathing Tube Connector Kit
AC1000Bullard Cool Tube Assy
13VXCape 38IN Tan With Snap Hooks
46VXCape, Medium Nylon 28-IN Bullard
F35Constant Flow Control Valve
F30BDisconnect Fitting 1/4IN
B73102121Eyewash, Pedestal Mounted, Abs
B4AFFilter Cartridge
B88VXAKFrame Assy For Blast Hood
41RGGauge, Regulator Bu-41RG
23611Inlet Air Filter
B771BLens Inner 25/PK .040(77-1B)
P771RLens Outer 50PK .015
B771020Lens Outer 50/PK .020 Oval
88VXAKMaintenance Kit

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