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Part # Description
715#00 Thimble (12PK)
20110-IN Glue Sticks (10PK)
2381/10 Gallon Strip Glue Gun
97611/64-IN Replacement Bit
36912-IN Blade (Card Of 2)
712#12 Thimble (12PK)
713#13 Thimble (12PK)
2211/4-IN Masonry Drill Bit (20PK)
6281/4-IN Nozzle
714#14 Thimble (12PK)
223C1/8-IN Drill; Box Of 100
2231/8-IN Drill; Envelope Of 12
11618-IN Flexible Straight Edge
2251/8-IN Hex Adaptor
2191/8-IN Masonry Drill Bit (20PK)
6291/8-IN Nozzle
37218-IN Scribing Tool
01518-IN Vinyl Dolly
5801/8-IN X 5/8-IN Aluminum Drives
0781/8-IN X 7/8-IN Aluminum Drives

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