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Category: Steel & Carbide

Part # Description
220D1-1/4-IN X 6-IN Driver Shank
92-12481 1/8-INX48-IN Moil Point
91-121-1/8-INX6-36-IN STD Narrow Chisel
83-5-21-1/8-INX6-IN, 2-IN Pin Driver
86-21-1/8-INX6-IN Clay Spade F/ Breaker
91-17481-IN Chisel 1-1/4X48-Inhex
91-17601-IN Chisel 1-1/4X60-Inhex
91-17721-IN Chisel 1-1/4X72-Inhex
92-41-IN Hex STD. Moil Point
91-41-IN Hex STD Narrow Chisel
86-3-363-Inclay Spade 1-1/4X36-Inhex
86-3-483-Inclay Spade 1-1/4X48-Inhex
1050Asphalt Cutter, 5"
1950Asphalt Cutter, 5"
1082Bushing Tool 1 1/4 Hex Shank
82-3Bushing Tool 11/4-INX6-Inhex
1982Bushing Tool 1-1/8IN Shank
82-2Bushing Tool 1 1/8 X 6 X 9-IN
7070Bushing Tool 1 Piece Tool

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