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Part # Description
1140260Ace 350 Metal Detector
1140460At Pro Metal Detector
1138070-DDemo Metal Detector Ace 150
1141150-DADemo Metal Detector Ace 300
1120570Gti Target Imaging Metal Detector
1138070Metal Detector Ace 150
1141070Metal Detector Ace 200
1139070Metal Detector Ace 250
1141150Metal Detector Ace 300
1141260Metal Detector Ace 400
1140900Pro Pointer At
Part # Description
22228005X8 Coil
22174008 1/2-IN Coil-No Connector
22175008 1/2-IN Coil W/Connector
2330000Accessory Kit
9850600Arm Cuff
2229700Battery Case
9976800Battery Cover
9988665Battery Cover

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