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Part # Description
1140260Ace 350 Metal Detector
1140460At Pro Metal Detector
1138070-DDemo Metal Detector Ace 150
1141150-DADemo Metal Detector Ace 300
1120570Gti Target Imaging Metal Detector
1138070Metal Detector Ace 150
1139070Metal Detector Ace 250
1141150Metal Detector Ace 300
1141260Metal Detector Ace 400
1140900Pro Pointer At
Part # Description
22228005X8 Coil
22174008 1/2-IN Coil-No Connector
22175008 1/2-IN Coil W/Connector
2330000Accessory Kit
9850600Arm Cuff
2229700Battery Case
9976800Battery Cover
9988665Battery Cover
9987000Battery Door, Left

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