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Part # Description
6750-10PE4Auger; 10D; 48L; 2.56rd
6710-10PE4Auger; 10D; 48L; 2HEX
6750-10PE5Auger; 10D; 60L; 2.56rd
6710-10PE5Auger; 10D; 60L; 2HEX
874Auger 12-IN 7/8 Hub 36-Indepth
BT360-14EAuger; 14D; 30L; Stihl
14SSP42Auger; 14D; 36L; 1.25SQ
4400-14E3Auger; 14D; 36L; 1.38HEX
16SSP42Auger; 16D; 36L; 1.25SQ
4750-10E3Auger; 16D; 36L; 2.56rd
M240Auger 1 Man
4SSP42Auger; 4D; 36L; 1.25SQ
4400-4E3Auger 4-INX36-IN 1 3/8HEX
6SSP42Auger; 6D; 36L; 1.25SQ
14043Auger 6-IN 7/8 Hub 36-Indepth
2135-6EAuger; 6-IN Dia
4400-6E3-DAuger 6-IN F/M330H - Demo
8SSP42Auger; 8D; 36L; 1.25SQ
2135-8EAuger 8-IN
14176Auger 8-IN 7/8 Hub 36-Indepth

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