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Category: Safety & Security

Part # Description
3007532Base, Grip N Go Cone, 15LB Octagon
3001752Battery, 6V, Spring Type BX/12
3014878Blockhead Red Helmet 8 PT Ratc.
3008735Diamond Grade 500 FT Ahead Orange
3001793Electrode Holders JH-1
3004880Element Glass Clear BX/12 Lens
3004882Element Glasses 144/BX Smoke Lens
3017624Flagger Ahead 36IN
3017650Flagger Ahead 48IN
3014081Grip N Go Chan Cone, 42IN No
3013597Halo X Welding Helment Heavy Metal
20699Hardhat Blockhead Blue
20718Hardhat Blockhead Green 10/PK
20393Hardhat Blue 4PT Charger
3013364Hardhat Red 4PT Charger
19502Hardhat Western Tan
19500Hardhat Western White
20401Hardhat Yellow 4PT Charger
3000358Nemesis Black/Blue Mirror BX/12
3011375Nemesis Bronze/Camo (12PK)

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