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Category: Power Tools

Part # Description
49-16-2712.080 X 150 Trimmer Line
49-16-2713.095 X 250 Trimmer Line
39813N1000-FT Braided Orange Line
11-0811;000-FT Danger Do Not Enter
71-10011000-FT Econo Grade Caution Barrica
71-10041000-FT Econo Grade Danger Barrica
48-22-3980100-FT Bold Line Chalk N Reel Tool
48-22-3982100-FT Bold Line Chalk N Reel W
48-22-3986100-FT Bold Line Chalk N Reel W Red
48-22-3989100-FT Bold Repl Line
39111N100-FT Braided Gold Reel
39113N100-FT Braided Orange Reel
48-22-5101100FT Closed Reel Long Tape
48-22-3910100FT Extra Bold Large Capacity
48-22-3900100FT Extra Bold Replacement Line
6799100-FT Fiberglass Long Tape
48-22-5201100FT Open Reel Long Tape
48-22-3990100-FT Precision Chalk N Reel Tool
48-22-3992100-FT Precision Chalk N Reel W
48-22-3999100-FT Precision Repl Line

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