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Category: Special Event

Part # Description
N10141710.25" Deluxe Plates, Black 14/BX
N10251410.25" Deluxe Plates, Clear 14/BX
N1012201710 OZ Deluxe Bowls, Black 20/BX
N110611.5" Salad Tongs Clear Sold Each
CHAMP4-10/402PC. Champagne Glasses Clear 40/PK
N510212 PC. Deluxe Champagne
N1210212PC. Margarita Glasses Clear 10/PK
WINE5-20/202PC. Wine Glasses Clear 20/PK
WINE5-10/402 PC. Wine Glasses Clear 40/PK
N30004300 Piece Cutlery Boxes - White
N57175"X7" Deluxe Plates, Black 24/BX
N624216" Deluxe Plates, Clear 24/BX
N624046" Deluxe Plates, White 24/BX
N61220176 OZ. Deluxe Bowls, Black 20/BX
N724177.5" Deluxe Plates, Black 24/BX
N810178 OZ. Coffee Cups, Black 10/BX
N810048 OZ. Coffee Cups, White 10/BX
CHAMP4-20/20Champagne Glasses 2PC, Clear 20/PK
N91417Deluxe Plates, 9" Black 14/BX
N91421Deluxe Plates, 9" Clear 14/BX

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