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Part # Description
#0003 MEG0 Deg #3 Tip
#0006.5 MEG0 Deg #6.5 Tip
B3V56100100 Goodyear Neptune; 3/8-IN Id Wit
B3V00540100 Goodyear Neptune 3/8-IN Id With
084200030100' Sewer Hose 1/4-IN Id; 4200PSI;
016211/2-IN Close Nipple-Brass
016101/2-IN Tee-Brass
2001406021/4-IN FNPT Screw Coupling; SS
2001416021/4-IN FNPT Screw Coupling; SS
2001406031/4-IN MNPT Screw Coupling; SS
2001416031/4-IN MNPT Screw Coupling; SS
IP-SCN1/4 Sewer Cleaning Nozzle
HF-081/4 X 3/8-IN Barb
084200045150' Sewer Hose 1/4-IN Id; 4200PSI;
#1502 MEG15 Deg #2 1/4-IN PSI Tip Bo
#1503 MEG15 Deg #3 1/4 PSI Tip Bo
#1505.5 MEG15 Deg #5.5 Tip
#1506.5 MEG15 Deg 6.5 Tip
18 FT WAND18 FT Telescoping Wand K
07000458718-IN SS Lance; 300-Deg F; 5800 PSI

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