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Part # Description
BFW4100EBarrier Fence Orange 4'X100'
BFW4100E-DDemo Barrier Fence Orange 4'X100'
BTCC31000G-DDemo Caution Tape 3"X1000' 5 Rolls
GRTFN250Finish Nailer 16GA
GRTFC83Framing Nailer Clipped/Round Head
GRCR4DGALNail 1-1/2 Coil Roofing 7200/BX
GRCR3TRCNail 1-1/4 Coil Roofing 600/BX
GRCR3DGALNail 1-1/4 Coil Roofing 7200/BX
GRCR2DGALNail 1" Coil Roofing 7200/BX
GRSP8DNail 2-1/7X.113 Coated Smooth
GRP8H1Nail 2-3/8 X.113 RND Head 1000/BX
GRSP16DZNail 3-1/2X.113 Clip Head 2000/BX
GRP12ZH1Nail 3-1/4X.113 RND Head 1000/BX
GRP10ZH1Nail 3 X.131 RND Head 1000/BX
GRSP10DZHNail 3 X.131 RND Head 2000/BX
STKR18Nail Stake 3/4" X 18" 10/BX
STKR24Nail Stake 3/4" X 24" 10/BX
STKR30Nail Stake 3/4" X 30" 10/BX
STKR36Nail Stake 3/4" X 36" 10/BX
GRTRN45Roofing Coil Nailer

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