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Category: Flooring

Part # Description
02465100 Grit Sanding Sheet 9" 15/BX
02464120 Grit Sanding Sheet 9" 15/BX
YS29080C12-INX24-IN Mesh Screen 150 GRT
YFP12X24R112X24 Red Thick Buffer
64FP14B-114X1-IN Thick Black Pad Box/5
02463150 Grit Sanding Sheet 9" 15/BX
64FP15B-115-Inpad Thick Black Strip Box/5
64FP15W-115-Inpad Thick White Polish Box/5
64FP15B-415-Inpad Thin Black Strip Box/10
64FP15G-415-Inpad Thin Green Scrub Box/10
64FP15W-415-Inpad Thin White Polish Box/10
YFP15W115-IN White Polish Pad BX/5
69-28465N15-INX2-IN FLR Snding Discs
64FP16B-416-Inpad Thin Black Strip Box/10
64FP16W-416-Inpad Thin White Polish
69-28473N16-IN Sanding Disc 80G
69-28468N16-INX2 FLR Snding Disc 12G Box/10
69-28470N16-INX2 FLR Snding Disc 20 Grit
69-43512N16-INX2 FLR Snding Disc 50G Box/10
69-43511N16-INX2 Sanding Disc 100 GR Box/10

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