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Part # Description
PGDWRS100X1.0" Sleeve For PGD2000X
PGDMRS100X1.0"Sleeve For PGD3200X
PGDWRS050X1/2" Sleeve For PGD2000X
PGDMRS050X1/2" Sleeve For PGD3200X
PGDRS12-11/2" Sleeve PGD2000
PGDMRSTPX1.75" T-Post Sleeve For PGD3200X
YPGD3875-41-11" Reducer Sleeve For PGD3875
PGDRS1-11" Sleeve PGD2000
PGDWBCX2000X Barrel Cap
MPD-3820 Retainer
PGDMRS200X2.0" Sleeve For PGD3200X
PGDMRS225X2.25" Sleeve For PGD3200X
PGDRS.2.52.50" Sleeve PGD3200
PGDMRS250X2.5" Sleeve For PGD3200X
YPGD3875-41-22" Reducer Sleeve For PGD3875
PGDMBCX3200X Barrel Cap
PGDWRS075X3/4" Sleeve For PGD2000X
PGDMRS075X3/4" Sleeve For PGD3200X
PGDRS34-13/4" Sleeve PGD2000
YPGD3875-41-33" Reducer Sleeve For PGD3875

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