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Part # Description
WL52230180 Degrees Arc Reflector Shield
E712605Defender 18W Eco-Light Fluorescent
E712500Defender 36 Watt Uplight 4FT
E712600Defender Eco Uplight, 36W
E709165Defender Fluorescent Floor Light
E712846Defender Mini Mobi LED Hand Torch
E712550Defender Uplight V2 Base Assembly
111105FHang-A-Light 105W Fluorescent
HL400PSHang-A-Light 400W Pulse Start
E712810LED Hand Lamp, Rechargeable
IN120LBSmithlight Traveller Light
SL-TRAVELLERSmithlight Traveller Light
411315Twin Head 15W LED Flood Light
WL175MHWobble Light 175W Metal Halide
111104PSWobble Light 400W Metal Halide
WLSD400Wobble Light 400W Metal Halide
WL500HWobble Light 500W Metal Halogen
111205Wobble Light JR. 85W Fluorescent
111206Wobble Light JR. LED 80W
111301LEDWobble Light V2 LED

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