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Grease Joint Rejuvenator

HOW IT WORKS: Remove the piston and fill the tool with penetrating oil. Place the end of the tool on the grease fitting and tap the piston head with a hammer until it starts to move down into the tool body. The hydraulic pressure created by tapping on the piston forces the penetrating oil into the grease joint to the blockage. It loosens the old, hardened grease or dirt, flushes the blockage, and clears the way for new grease.

  • The Grease Joint Rejuvenator┬« allows a clogged grease fitting or joint to take on grease by injecting light penetrating oil into the grease joint via the grease fitting, thus breaking up and removing any dirt, rust or debris.
  • The purpose of this tool is to free up the joint and fitting, enabling them to be greased.
Item # 7862
Shipping Weight 1.20 lbs.
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This item appears on Page 267 in the 2019 Catalog.

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Shipping Weight 1.20 lbs.

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