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Electric Pumps

Centrifugal design, sump pumps for liquid removal or dewatering of pits or tanks or for use in recirculation, fountains, etc.
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Picture Item # Description Weight
Pump Block Saw 155987-MK Pump Block Saw 3.00 lbs. Call
Mini Vac Pump M40 Mini Vac Pump 6.00 lbs. Call
HP: 1/4
Pump Submersible 1/4HP 2300 Pump Submersible 1/4HP 9.50 lbs. Call
Submersible Pump 1/4HP 2305-04 Submersible Pump 1/4HP 10.00 lbs. Call
HP: 1/3
Submersible Pump 1/3HP 2355 Submersible Pump 1/3HP 9.95 lbs. Call
HP: 2/5
Pump Flood Kit W/Hose & Crate MUFKP40 Pump Flood Kit W/Hose & Crate 15.00 lbs. Call
HP: 1/2
Submersible Pump 1/2HP 2385 Submersible Pump 1/2HP 8.50 lbs. Call
Submersible Sewage Pump 1/2HP FPSE3601A Submersible Sewage Pump 1/2HP 36.00 lbs. Call
Submersible Trash Pump 2" HS2.4S-62 Submersible Trash Pump 2" 29.00 lbs. Call
HP: 2/3
Submersible Pump 2" LB-480-62 Submersible Pump 2" 25.60 lbs. Call
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