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Keep your work site cool and the air moving with our line of pedestal and barrel fans. Please note that some fan models may only be available during the warmer seasons.
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Picture Item # Description Weight
Vortex Axial Fan 116594 Vortex Axial Fan 40.00 lbs. Call
Barrel Fan 42" EMC42D Barrel Fan 42" 112.00 lbs. Call
*GO_TO_113164_EPN738686 F377 *GO_TO_113164_EPN738686 42.00 lbs. Call
Floor Fan 18" 78974 Floor Fan 18" 21.00 lbs. Call
Pedestal Fan 30" 71586 Pedestal Fan 30" 68.00 lbs. Call
Vent 1/3 HP Red VP-33R Vent 1/3 HP Red 32.00 lbs. Call
Airmover Dri Pod F451 Airmover Dri Pod 11.00 lbs. Call
Airmover Velo Pro F505 114969 Airmover Velo Pro F505 22.00 lbs. Call
Airmover Velo 114965 Airmover Velo 23.03 lbs. Call
Tent Fan Versa-Kool W/Pole Mount 731231 Tent Fan Versa-Kool W/Pole Mount 23.00 lbs. Call
Airmover Stealth AV3000 113164 Airmover Stealth AV3000 28.00 lbs. Call
Misting Rings W/Nozzles 12" MKLP12SO-3B Misting Rings W/Nozzles 12" 2.00 lbs. Call


Pole Mount

Picture Item # Description Weight
Pole Mount VS12SPM Pole Mount 3.00 lbs. Call
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