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Super-Vee Unit Without Case

  • Opens clogged sinks, bathroom drains and roof drains
  • Double insulated reversible motor with variable speed control
  • Gear reducer/drum support system
  • Heavy gauge stamped aluminum container with inner drum to prevent cable tangling
  • Grip shield slides back to engage cable; forward to release it.
  • Automatically adjusts to different cable diameters
  • Includes (25HE1) 25 ft. x 1/4" cable for 1-1/4" to 2"lines and (25HE2) 25 ft.x 3/8"cable for 2"to 3" lines, (HECS) cutter set, and "how-to" video
Item # R-SV-A
Shipping Weight 20.00 lbs.
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  • Made in America

This item appears on Page 224 in the 2021 Catalog.

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Picture Item # Description Weight
Handy Stand For R-SV-A HST Handy Stand For R-SV-A 4.00 lbs. Call
Case For R-SV-A MCC Case For R-SV-A 11.00 lbs. Call
Snake Oil 1 Gallon SOG Snake Oil 1 Gallon 7.50 lbs. Call
Cable 1/4"X25' (25HE1) Curled 120010 Cable 1/4"X25' (25HE1) Curled 4.20 lbs. Call
Cable 3/8"X25' (25HE2) Female 120160 Cable 3/8"X25' (25HE2) Female 7.00 lbs. Call
Cutter Set (Hecs) 130010 Cutter Set (Hecs) 1 lb. Call

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Shipping Weight 20.00 lbs.

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