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Finance & Lease Company Listing

Below is a listing of finance and leasing companies available for you to use. Please feel free to print this list. MTA Distributors does not endorse any of the companies listed below.

American Bank Leasing
No financial statements needed under $100,000
Roswell, GA
Phone: 866-532-7334
Fax: 866-532-7335

Clearview Financial
Ephrata, WA
Phone: 888-408-8805
Fax: 509-754-8809

Lynnray Financial Corp.
Norcross, GA
Phone: 800-535-4138
Fax: 770-263-3775

Pinnacle Capital L.L.C.
Wenatchee, WA Phone: 888-223-8600
Fax: 888-223-3600

Procedure For Set-Up

Contact the company of your choice from the above list and tell them you were referred by MTA Distributors. They will be happy to explain their program and send documents for completion. You may also use any other company or bank you prefer by having them send a purchase order or authorization to MTA.

The basic lease requirements are a credit application, a financial statement when requested, the amount of the order or credit line you require, and any other information they may ask of you. Most companies will give you an answer within 48 hours unless difficulties are encountered in processing your credit information.

After approval, the lease company will send you and/or MTA a purchase order or credit authorization along with billing instructions for your order. We will ship and bill the merchandise to you. After shipment, we submit proforma copies of the shipment to the lease company for processing. They then send you a set of documents for your signature and to verify receipt of the shipment. Upon completion and return of the documents, the lease company will issue and mail a check to MTA Distributors which will be applied to your account. You then make payments to the lease company according to the terms agreed upon between you and them.

Contact Donna Thurman with MTA Distributors if there are further questions.