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Service & Repair Shop Policy

MTA will only accept returned merchandise with a Returned Goods Authorization Number that has been assigned by the MTA Technical Staff or Customer Service Personnel.

When returning merchandise for service or repair, the customer is responsible for the shipping charges to MTA. If the repair is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, MTA will pay the return shipping back to the customer. If the repair is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, the customer is responsible for the return shipping charges as well.

MTA will charge a minimum 1/2 hour labor charge of $47.50 for any evaluation or repair that is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

MTA will evaluate the returned equipment and contact the customer with a quote for the repair and request a Purchase Order or Repair Work Order to cover the cost of the repair. MTA will make repairs only after a P.O. # or R.W.O.# has been received from the customer to cover the full cost of the repair and any applicable shipping charges.

MTA will store the equipment for 30 days after the initial contact has been made with the customer to quote the repair. After 30 days, if the customer has not provided a P.O. # or R.W.O.# for the repair of the equipment, a storage fee of $1.00 per day will begin accruing. After another 60 days, if the customer has still not responded, the piece of equipment becomes the property of MTA and may be sold to recover the accrued storage fees, or discarded. All revenues from the sale of abandoned equipment, that exceed the imposed storage fees, belong to MTA Distributors.


Any questions regarding this policy can be directed to the following Technical Service Personnel: 

Jon Abenroth